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Calculate power check and monitor engine trends with the Helitrends app

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When it comes to the performance of a helicopter’s engine, it’s no secret that frequent engine power checks can ensure maximum effectiveness and safety every time you fly and even extend the engine’s overhaul limit. There’s no better software to use than Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM), as this can monitor performance, troubleshoot potential problems and recommend solutions automatically.

Why frequent power checks and Engine Condition Trend Monitoring are recommended?

There are a host of benefits to be enjoyed when you implement helicopter monitoring software and trend analysis, and ECTM is one of the best ways to stay on top of these processes. You can:

  • Use condition trend monitoring to lower repair costs. With data from engine trend analysis, you can learn your engine’s trends and when they typically change. This can allow you to schedule repairs before faults become critical
  • Postpone or avoid some heavy maintenance like unscheduled HSI or AOG by frequent power checks
  • Good quality Engine Condition Trend Monitoring provides you cost savings as tool to find small issues before they become big
  • With a better understanding of the conclusions that ECTM analysisprovides, pilots will be able to better determine how the helicopter is operated, so factors like landing sites will be properly located
  • Eliminate wrong results or human errors by more frequent checks. Frequent testing improves the chances of catching issues before they arise. As more tests are undertaken by ECTM, machine learning (ML) kicks in. With this, wrong results will be discovered and discarded in the future
  • Discover problems faster with AI, as humans simply won’t be able to pick out every possible (or potential) problem
Experience ECTM

Power check calculations using the Helitrends performance calculator

Right now, the standard processes of collecting data are not only becoming increasingly outdated, but they are also subject to human error. The more data is stored in traditional form, the greater the risk of missing something, so why not let the Helitrends app take care of the hard work for you? As a fast, efficient solution that can effectively record measurements, store records with minimum impact and analyse data, this could be the perfect selection.

This helicopter app is the first performance app on the market that makes it possible to analyse a helicopter’s engine performance swiftly and based on the data you put in. It can point to the reason for specific use trends and why changes to these trends may have occurred.

How does the Helitrends helicopter app work?

As an innovative heli app, you may be concerned about how simple it will be to use, but the great news is that it’s so simple to get all the information you need. With the implementation of the latest technologies and reliable mathematical models that can perform extensive calculations, this software is lightning fast, intuitive and extremely efficient. What’s even better is that as it’s AI-based, it learns from the data it collects, so it’ll only improve with use.

Here’s how the app functions to perform helicopter power check calculations and analyse your helicopter’s engine condition based on the data you’ve entered:

The helicopter power check

The first phase of testing is the power check. This will be completed based on the rotor flight manual. To do this, the pilot will need to read the parameters given by the instruments in the helicopter’s cockpit.

The test should be undertaken far away from buildings and in stable atmospheric conditions (with wind speeds under 8-10 kts). If these requirements are met, the results should be relatively accurate. From here, the parameters for the data collected can be entered into the Helitrends app. It may be worth it to keep in mind that the more checks you perform at this stage, the better the software will be able to collate the data received, with higher precision for fault-finding.

Calculating the results

This step will be performed automatically by the app.

Analyzing the results

Using mathematical models that were developed by a group of engineers specializing in the Engine Condition Trends Monitoring field, analysis can be initiated. The knowledge of qualified personnel was migrated to these models, so that processes can be performed both quickly and precisely.

What’s important is that the application will adapt its procedures according to the requirements of the engine maintenance manual. The user will be able to adjust the criteria of alerts and notifications to their preferences.

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How can we be sure that the results aren’t false?

Helitrends uses very precise and reliable mathematical models based on the rotorcraft flight manual charts provided. As calculations are being made via the unique AI software, they will be completed much faster than humans can produce. As a result, we can be more certain of their accuracy. Once finished, the results will be automatically sent to the ground personnel, simplifying the process for the pilot and completely eliminating the obligation to send data after flight.

The advantages of engine trend monitoring

Possibly the biggest advantage of using the Helitrends performance calculator is the streamlined functionality, leading to minimised responsibilities for the pilot. With the need for human input, a team of specialists is often required to ensure that everything is dealt with appropriately. With test automation and AI analysis processes however, the entire process from start to finish is shorter and simpler.

The given results are extremely easy to understand, even for those with little to no technical know-how, and they include:

  • Any detected dangers, threats and differences in trends, over short and long periods of time
  • Alert displays when certain, previously defined, conditions occur
  • Outlined changes and how quickly these can take place in the helicopter
  • Forecasts for changes in the engine
  • Information concerning possible causes of problems and where they could take place
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How to start using Helitrends heli app?

Helitrends combines functionality, performance and usability in a single app that will minimize the effort you need to put in. Simply download the app on your iPad or iPhone, choose a subscription plan (there is a free plan available) and start watching your stress and paperworks fly away. There’s no easier way to make power checks, and you can save money on repairs for dangerous faults that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Once you use the Helitrends app for engine condition trend monitoring, we’re sure you’ll never need to revert back to the traditional methods that have been holding you back.

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