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How Useful is Engine Condition Trend Monitoring

How useful is ECTM

Helicopters are complex machines that need a certain degree of care to maintain. There are a host of critical components that require checks, but none are more important than the engine. One of the best ways to keep your helicopter running at the maximum efficiency is to perform frequent power checks, and the good news is that innovative new software like engine condition trend monitoring (or ETCM) will be your greatest asset.

What is ECTM?

As power assurance checks (PACs) can be so involved, there is a real need for improved recording methods - and engine condition trend monitoring was designed to meet the needs of helicopter engines and pilots everywhere. This software monitors the engine performance that are registered during power checks, to better understand changes in the engine’s condition. When an ECTM tool has option of performance calculator which automatically records and analyses data instead of qualified engineer, then there’s no need for extensive manual diagnostics to spot issues before they can escalate and potentially cause even more damage.

How useful is ECTM

Why choose ECTM with performance calculator?

While many helicopter operators currently record the data themselves using spreadsheets or with pen and paper, having automated ECTM tool including performance calculator that can take the hard work out of the process can be extremely beneficial. While many may feel the old adage “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” applies to their current set-up (those who fly often rely a lot on intuition to tell them when something is off), there’s certainly more than a few reasons why ETCM can be worthwhile.

Which helicopters can make use of ECTM?

All helicopters, no matter their model, age, or technical condition, are compatible with ETCM software. As long as it is used regularly to monitor the aircraft to properly record trends, the data collected can be extremely useful. Of course, implementing it from the first time you fly (and at close intervals thereafter) will offer the best results, but it’s never too late to start.

What are the steps involved with the most effective engine trend monitoring?

With ETCM, there are 4 phases of analysis:

  • Data collection (during power checks)
  • Calculation phase, instead of using charts from the helicopter’s manual you can use a performance calculator which uses the same charts
  • See if your result is positive or negative and compare it with previous results
  • Detailed engine trends analysis protocols that produce proactive conclusions regarding the condition of the engine with elements of trouble-shooting
How useful is ECTM

The Helitrends app is the ECTM tool which uses all these 4 steps

The top advantages of ETCM are:

  • It can detect immediate issues that cause drops in engine performance
  • It provides accurate and relevant alerts with notifications
  • It reduces cost of engine operation contributing to avoid some heavy maintenance
  • It analyses the engine trends based on long-term data (which can improve how you use it)
  • It increases the pilot’s and helicopter operator’s awareness of the current engine condition, increasing overall safety and minimizing costs

Can analysis be performed by non-experts?

The good news is that the whole process of Engine Condition Trends Monitoring can be performed without any additional technical know-how because this is implemented in the software including available technical support. This can be especially helpful for those managing entire fleets, as data recorded manually will need to be analyzed by a qualified specialist. This additional process won’t be necessary with automated software like Helitrends.

How useful is ECTM

Should I make the switch from pen and paper to digital data?

Put simply, the answer is yes. Manual data input and interpretation certainly has its errors and as the potential for these is all but negated with digital processes, making the switch can be incredibly beneficial.

With the top helicopter software performing power checks and analysing engine’s condition, you can concentrate on the real problem instead of wasting time and resources looking elsewhere. The Helitrends app aims to analyse engines and their condition intuitively, with your engine’s parameters in mind, and fast. It works automatically and guarantees easy-to-understand. Pilots can get trustworthy, relevant information within seconds.

While manual checks can be cheaper, having software take care of everything for you can significantly minimise costs, so the initial outlay can be well worth the reward long term. The great news is that with the Helitrends app, there’s a free trial to give users the opportunity to see who the app works and experience the benefits before activating a subscription - you'll be downloading it in no time once you experience the benefits for yourself!

When keeping ahead of issues is the best way to save money and get better engine performance of your helicopter, it’s easy to see why having automated software that can maximise troubleshooting processes is more than worthwhile.

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