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5 useful mobile Apps for Helicopter Pilots

Useful mobile apps

The primary goal of many helicopter apps is to make the lives of users easier. This is especially prevalent for those that use AI and specialist software to cater to specific industry needs - and the aviation sector is no different. With engine performance monitoring for helicopters in mind, automation that delivers actual, relevant information can be more than useful. When you can keep on top of factors like observing the weather to analyzing engines condition, you can get more than you expect.

Top 5 Apps for Helicopter Pilots


This innovative engine condition trend monitoring (ECTM) software can be used on your mobile devices and brings a whole new level of functionality to helicopter’s operation and safety. With simple, intuitive observation and analytic processes, pilots can replace the often outdated method of using paper charts, with the digital processes of a performance calculator that can automatically analyze the status of a helicopter engine according to approved instructions. The Helitrends app can save pilots time, effort and more - and with new capabilities for cloud storage on the way, the data saved and stored is synchronized across devices and users automatically in real-time.

With nothing more than an iPhone or iPad, users can simply download the Helitrends app, choose the relevant helicopter model, input the required data, press “CALCULATE” – and you’re done! In just a few moments, a full overview of your helicopter performance will be available for you to review.

Price: Free of charge to download
Individual: Free, $9.99/month (30-day free trial available)
Business: Free, $19.99/helicopter/month (30-day free trial available)

How useful is ECTM

Stratus Insight EFB

As a helicopter pilot, having an on board documentation system right there on your phone can be a huge asset - and that’s exactly what Stratus Insight EFB provides.

This helicopter app allows pilots to undertake their helicopter pre-flight checklist with an ease and stay on top of necessary protocols while flying, too. You can check the weather before takeoff and analyze the data provided to keep you in the know about any crucial factors that may arise during your trip.

But it doesn’t stop there; this heli app also includes a built-in radio comms recorder, allowing dispatches to be saved and transcribed. It also offers intuitive planning software for route changes, and even a notepad feature, so users can record important data on the go.

Price: $9,99/month

Station Weather

The Station Weather helicopter app allows pilots to observe weather conditions and shifts in the atmosphere both quickly and intuitively. The ability to receive real-time, analyzed data can be crucial for pilots to ensure a safe and trouble-free flight. As users can simply input their chosen destination and gain precise, relevant information from more than 700 weather charts, there’s no better way to get around.

Price: Lite = free, Pro = $3,99/month


Discover the world of helicopter landing sites with Helipaddy, the ultimate app designed by pilots, for pilots. Take the hassle out of pre-flight planning and join a global community of aviators. With over 8,000 landing pads in 120 countries, Helipaddy offers up-to-date information, reviews, and direct contact with owners, allowing you to effortlessly find the perfect destination for your flights. Explore luxurious hotels, renowned restaurants, hidden gems, and more with just a few taps. Plan your next adventure with Helipaddy, where every landing is a seamless experience.

Price: $9,99/year

Starr Gate

Coming from another perspective entirely, the Starr Gate heli app can be incredibly useful for helicopter renter pilots who would like to reduce their insurance costs. The application will record flight data from the helicopter and transfer it to the app for analysis, so that you can provide the correct data for the best possible insurance plan for your needs. But wait, there’s more!

As helicopter insurance can be complicated, especially when trying to calculate fees regarding how often you use yours in a month, having relevant data will streamline the processing of your application. You can buy renter coverage by the month if you only fly occasionally, or by the year. This app isn’t available everywhere, so check before you sign up. You can download the app from a link on the Starr Gate website or through the Apple Store (iPads only).

Price: Free of charge

How useful is ECTM

Mobile apps for aviators everywhere

When it comes to flying, it’s extremely important to reduce the potential for human error as much as possible, and process automation is fast becoming the top solution to a host of problems. For increased safety, better flight experience and so much more, apps can be an asset.

If you have any suggestions for other useful apps that can improve functionality for helicopter pilots or reduce a workload, feel free to let us know - we’ll consider all suggestions and add our favourite picks to this list!

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